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Guidelines for Painting 2019


SUBMISSION PROCESS - submitted works are for consideration for inclusion in the show. Submission does not guarantee entry. Artists will be advised by March 31st 2019 as to the success of their submission. 

Artists can submit up to 4 pieces - 3 for the main exhibition & a 30cm x 30cm piece for the 30x30 category. Work must be completed to be submitted. No works in progress will be accepted. We really encourage you to submit a 30x30 as it is a very successful category & looks fantastic on display. 

One piece can be no larger than 1.5m x 1.5m FRAMED. The other two pieces must be no larger than 1.2m x 1.2m FRAMED. The entry for the 30x30 category must be 30cm x 30cm FRAMED. Any works that is accepted & arrives to the show & the measurements are not within the given guidelines will not be included in the show. 

As per Entry Conditions - Each artwork, upon delivery, MUST BE clearly labelled with the artist, the title and the price on the back of the piece (not attached to any wrapping) and ready to hang - HANGING WORKS - stretched canvas is acceptable but must have rigid & adequate cross members. Each work must be fitted with substantial hanging wire or heavy duty cord & “flush D hangers”. The apex of the hanging wire or cord should be approx. 75mm below the top of the frame - artwork without secure hanging fixtures cannot be hung - this is not negotiable. Artwork that does not comply with hanging requirements will not be included in the show, will be stored & artists can collect at the specifed collection time.

Please refer to the Submission & Entry Conditions for the detailed terms & conditions.

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